About Honeybee Silks

The influence and inspiration behind my work is very personal as it reflects my ongoing journey of connection to my Aboriginal heritage, which began in 2016 when I first travelled to Australia. Growing up in the UK, my work focuses on harmonising personal internal conflicts that I struggle with, due to being mixed race from two countries that have a traumatic conflicting colonial history. 
At its core, my art is an attempt to reach common ground that we all share as humans, by celebrating the natural world. This is something that is central to Aboriginal culture – to care for country. A critical practice and one which needs a collective effort if we are to bring back balance to our planet. 
As well as natural themes, my work heavily features honeybees who play an essential role in the natural world as pollinators. When purchasing your silk, if you are based in the UK or Europe, you will receive a complimentary tin of Seedballs. These are a carefully selected mix of native flower seeds which when scattered, will attract honeybees, solitary bees and bumble bees. Each tin has 20 balls in, each with approximately 75 seeds. By sowing these seeds you will be creating a small eco meadow, which will support our beautiful bees and their declining numbers. If you don’t have a garden then why not make a window box which will be equally as beautiful and if cared for will do just as well! 
For silks that are bought at Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery in Sydney, silks will come with a Seed packet from Save The Bees Australia. 
Due to customs restrictions:
Seedballs can only be included in orders from the UK and Europe. 
Save The Bees Australia seedpackets can only be included in orders bought through Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery 


All Silks are made from 100% Pure Silk Twill or 100% Pure Light Silk Twill.
Silk is a natural material and is readily biodegradable. I believe in using and promoting these natural materials which contribute towards protecting the planet. By using pure Silk, as a maker and a consumer, we are helping to reduce the overall use of synthetic fibres which break down into micro-plastics and we are therefore reducing the contribution to plastic pollution.
Shop smart and choose quality over quantity.