Digital Collage

**Warning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, images contain people who have passed**
Gallery only - artwork not for sale or for commercial use
A collection of digital collages to celebrate these men in their efforts of highlighting injustice and the continued fight for Aboriginal Land Rights
Creating these digital collages has allowed me to connect to my history and begin to understand the ongoing effects of Colonisation. It has also allowed me to understand my Father and family as they continued to challenge systemic racism.
As always honeybees feature strongly throughout my work. Here they represent the importance of balance and equality.
Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land
In order of appearance:
1. Dad - Paul Coe, Sydney Town Hall, 28th April 1970
2. Paul Coe and Billy Craigie, Anti-Apartheid Demonstration, Sydney, 1971
3. Uncle John Wattle Flower, Rest in Power
4. 26th January 2012, Lost Shoe Aboriginal Tent Embassy 
5. Aboriginal Land 
6. Dad, Wattle Crown, 1972