Save the Bees Australia

For Honeybee silks bought at Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery in Sydney, silks will come with a gifted seedpacket from Save The Bees Australia

Who are Save the Bees Australia?

Founder of Save the Bees Australia – Bee The Cure, Simon Mulvany is a beekeeper who has made it his mission to educate people about the plight of the precious pollinators, both indigenous and introduced.
"It is crucial that we help protect the native species and that we keep honey bees, respectfully and responsibly. We respect that both have their place, whether it is in industry or biodiversity- and that we simply can not live without them."

Since 2014 Savethebeesaustralia has been galvanising like minded people to speak out for bees.  The project evolved from saving honeybees that would usually have been exterminated. 

The community has been so effective that we have seen imported honey removed from Australian supermarket shelves and Bayer’s #confidor #neonicotinoids  also removed from sale .

Savethebeesaustralia have also worked together to create a honeymap where local Apiarists can sell honey directly to the public . The community map has been used over 600000 times. The demand from ethical local honey has increased so much that thousands of beekeepers have benefited. 




For donations and more information please follow the link below