Tencel Satin

Tencel Satin is currently one of the most sustainable and eco friendly fabrics. Creating my slip dresses I wanted to use a fabric that had a silk like quality. I decided to move away from using silk as it is questionable in its water consumption and it also remains unsuitable for vegans. 
Through extensive research I discovered Tencel Satin which is a semi-synthetic fabric made from responsibly sourced and grown Eucalyptus wood pulp. This material belongs to the Rayon/ Viscose family however unlike these two fabrics it is much more eco-friendly. Tencel Satin is made in a closed loop process (unlike Rayon and Viscose) which means that the chemicals made to transform the wood pulp into a fabric do not escape into the water systems which would essentially pollute and damage the river and seas. The chemicals used are in fact repurposed and recycled.