Honeybee Single Silk


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The sustainable 'Honeybee Single Silk' made from the purest Light Silk Twill, a completely natural material.

An easy accessory to add a splash of bold colour, making any outfit stand out. The versatility of the 'Honeybee Single Silk' is giving you endless options of wear. It can either be worn doubled over as a bold headscarf, worn as a top and tied together at the back for the classic 90s look or wrapped around the neck giving an elegant timeless feel. Get creative with styling your silk!

By choosing silk you are helping reduce the use of plastic and poly fibres in the fashion and art industry, choose natural materials for the sake of our planet. The silks are made in England with love, complete with a hand finish machine rolled hem, measuring 36 x 157cm. 

All orders come in a giftbox with a Goldspice sample and a Seedball tin. The Seedballs are a way of combining art and action to save the bees. Enjoy your 'Honeybee Silk' as you scatter the seedballs to grow flowers that will support honeybees and their declining numbers.  

Care instructions - dry clean only. 


Disclaimer: Due to customs restrictions, complimentary Seedball tins can only be included in UK and European orders

Save The Bees Australia seedpackets can only be included in orders bought through Boomalli Aboriginal Art Gallery 

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